VRC on stage at CPL Tech and Future of Work event

VRC onboard for XR Tech

We'll discuss the value of XR as a tool for workers to consume data in context. But what will you do with it?

When: October 9th 2019

Where: WeWork, 2 Dublin Landings

Time: 3 – 5:30pm

Clare Dillon, Technology Evangelist

With over 20 years’ experience in leadership development, business strategy & technology evangelism, Clare helps organisations maximise the opportunities presented by the latest technology trends. Passionate about how technology is changing and shaping the world, she regularly speaks on topics related to AI, digital transformation and organisational change. Clare has keynoted at over 10 conferences in Ireland, UK and Europe, as well as presenting at company-internal conferences.

Thom Strimbu, Immersive Technology Strategist, Voxel REVOLUTION

Thom   isa digital media marketing expert with a passion for driving organizational growth and revenue with immersive technology. Thom has founded businesses including a prep-sports broadcast production company, TripTelevision, an online video marketing agency and Voxel REVOLUTION Consulting, to help clients understand, source, vet, and implement enterprise immersive technology solutions. Thom has a BS in International Business from Schiller International University and an MBA from UCD’s Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.

Joseph Cunningham, Serial Entrepreneur & Chairman of Ammeon Solutions

From Aldiscon, the Irish company that brought text messaging to billions of users worldwide in the 1990s and APiON, which pioneered mobile browsing, Joe has been involved in innovative telecommunications businesses since the late 1980’s. Joe went on to found pioneering ventures in mobile pre-payment, service enablement, roaming and wireless internet. Joe is currently chairman of the group of companies that includes Ammeon Solutions.

Claire Fitzpatrick – Strategic Operations Director, ConsenSys

Claire leads the scaling of ConsenSys Ireland which designs, builds and deploys enterprise software blockchain solutions powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Prior to this, Claire was a founder of Red Planet a consultancy bringing outside in start-up innovation to large corporates.  Claire sold Red Planet to Deloitte in 2017 Claire was also CFO for Wayra Ireland, a start-up accelerator investing pre-seed and seed capital into the Irish start-up ecosystem. She is a founder of a start-up and advisor and investor in several others.

Barry Winkless, Cpl’s Strategy & Innovation Director & Head of Future of Work Institute

Barry has over 19 years of experience working across multiple sectors in the areas of corporate strategy, service excellence, and innovation. Through previous career opportunities, he has delivered engagements with over 100 organisations including many Fortune 100 companies. As Head of the Future of Work he is driving the strategic advisory arm of Cpl, working with customers specifically on their EVP, Creative Leadership and being a Responsible Business.