Formulating A Digital Strategy Is A Task That Should Not Be Approached Lightly. Better That A Prospective Client Would Carefully Study A Consultancy’s Form And Learn From The Experience Of Others By Referencing Its Work With One Whose Opinion You Can Trust.

Clients Coming To Simvirtua + Voxel REVOLUTION Can Be Confident In Knowing That Their Time And Resources Will Be Usefully Spent.

Commitment to Value
One of our most important performance indicators is our Client Satisfaction rating.  In order to provide great value, we focus on communication, integrity, quality, and craftmanship.

Fit for Purpose
XR is a burgeoning technology whose commercial applications continue to expand. We don’t recommend gimmicks or novelties. Our proposals are based upon proven applications that can be tied to business performance.

Creative & Imaginative
An ability to be creative and imaginative when devising workable solutions is an essential requirement when shaping a successful XR campaign. We have those skills.

Skilled Workmanship
We take pride in our workmanship, being professional in all respects. We possess the skills required to design comprehensive digital strategies and put them into effect, delighting especially in applications for team training.

Quality Standards 
We run a tight ship, ensuring that projects are managed at a senior level. Our work is handled quickly, efficiently and effectively – mindful that we must reflect the quality standards clients set for themselves whilst meeting those we set for ourselves.

Reliable & Sure
In promoting and protecting the reputation of our clients, ours are safe hands. Operationally, we say what we are going to do and do what we say we will do. Clever and creative in our planning, we are astute and sure-footed when implementing programmes.

Verifiable Results
Choosing us, you work with a consultancy whose culture is rooted in a determination to achieve its objectives and deliver a verifiable return in terms of value.

Loyal & Confidential
We are loyal to clients, never abusing the loyalty they show us. Confidential in our dealings, we remember always to safeguard confidentiality and avoid conflicts of interest.



Immersive Technology Strategy Consultant

Voxel REVOLUTION Inc. was founded by Thom Strimbu, a digital media marketing expert with a passion for driving organizational growth and revenue with virtual technology. Thom earned his BS in International Business from Schiller International University in Heidelberg and, in 2018, his MBA from UCD’s Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School. He is an XR (extended reality) evangelist and frequent public speaker.

Combining his successful track record as an entrepreneur with his formal business education, Thom possess a wealth of practical knowledge giving him the ability to empower organisations with best-practice digital strategies. Get in touch with Thom to see how we can help transform your business and drive competitive advantage.

James Corbett

Immersive Technology Consultant

James Corbett, Founder of Simvirtua, has 14 years experience in the IT industry working for the multinationals, Apple, Motorola and Analog Devices, in roles from Software Test to Network System Administration. He set up his first business in 2002, an online sports forum which traded internationally. He also acted as technical adviser to Gaelscoil O’Doghair in, Co. Limerick where he worked alongside visionary Principal Daithi O’Murchu. He is a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Awardee.

In 2008 James co-founded 3Dcamp at University of Limerick, an annual conference for enthusiasts of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D modelling, CAD, 3D Printing and related technologies. The event has since evolved in a series of regular local meetups with 3Dcamp Dublin now hosting the biggest audience of VR/AR devotees in Ireland, where James acts as MC. Thanks to his decade long hosting of 3Dcamp events James is one of the best connected individuals in the Immersive Technologies sector, with a tremendous network of researchers, start-ups and more established businesses.