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Building A Roadmap To The Future

Immersive Technology is an important element in the Factory of the Future.  To maximize the impact of the technology, it is necessary to align the innovation effort across the organization. 

How we are going to increase alignment VRC’s clients come to us for XR education, consultation, solutions, implementations, and support.  When we get new clients, we look within our preferred partner network to find the most suitable company to execute the immersive technology projects.  

Minimize Content Cost
Aim for Convergence
Focus on Usability
Influence Policy

4 Tenets Of XR Strategy At Takeda

Skip The Sales Cycle

We maintain a fiduciary duty to our clients, always looking out for their best interests. For that reason, we don’t take commissions for projects we bring to our partners. Our revenue is made from our project management fees.

High Profile Clients

Immersive Technology is a young sector which means that many of our partners are small to medium enterprises with niche product offerings. As an individual, you may not have enough bandwidth to offer comprehensive support for a corporate XR strategy. Our partner network allows us to bring together multiple vendors under a single project, increasing your reach more than ever before.

No Exclusivity Agreement

Voxel REVOLUTION Consulting is a member of the Eirmersive trade organization, committed to the growth of the XR Sector. With this motivation, we do not seek exclusivity with our partners. Part of our engagement process will include a non-compete clause for the specific client we assign you to

Global Collaboration

The projects you are chosen for may be outside your own market. With a global reach, VRC can offer opportunities to apply your expertise globally, broadly increasing your brand visibility.

The 4 Step Engagement Process

XR Experience

We educate the client’s executive team about immersive technology in a ½ day seminar. During the XR Experience, participants not only learn about the current state of enterprise XR tech but also have the opportunity to try a variety of AR and VR hardware and software. We often demonstrate the XR products of our partners.

Opportunity Analysis

Opportunity Analysis – The result of this stage of the journey is an in-depth feasibility study that includes recommendations for XR implementations as well as relevant case studies from across industry. With a solid business-case in hand, clients are prepared to proceed confidently with an integrated XR implementation.

Proposal & Partnership

Depending on the needs and desires of our client, we select appropriate partners based upon the quality and market-fit of their software applications, solutions and/or services. Depending on the scope of our projects, we may select multiple partners to develop various elements of the project.

Deliver And Optimize

Once the projects have been delivered, we take an active approach to ensure their success. The biggest hurdle to success in XR projects historically, is not the technology but the organizational change management. We stay on-site for training, optimization and further development as well as to monitor success toward project KPIs.

Be A Part Of An Exclusive, Growing Network Of Highly Skilled XR Providers!

Getting started is easy.  Fill in the Partner Programme application form to tell us more about your company.  We will contact qualified candidates directly to discuss your capabilities, assets, and interests as well as build your profile.  For candidates in Ireland, UK, the United States and India, we will meet to get acquainted and review your portfolio of work.