VRC METHODOLOGY Our 4-step Process to XR success

XR Experience

The XR Experience is a 1/2 day on-site seminar for your executive or innovation team. Your team will gain a thorough understanding of the various forms of XR technology including augmented, virtual, and mixed reality as well as a variety of possible implementations. The day is split into two sessions, classroom and practical.
During this session you will learn about the difference between hype and reality when it comes to the state of virtual technology. You will begin to understand the budgetary considerations associated with development and deployment. In our exploration of XR we’ll look past head mounted displays (HMDs) to also consider the application of mobile and stand-alone tools.
The second half of the session is fun, but we aren’t playing around. Your team will get to try out several XR experiences through mobile and HMDs. We’ll look at applications for Training, Sales, Operations, and Design. Invariably, the creative juices begin to flow as your team considers possibilities for your own workflow and customer experience.
Wrap up
We’ll end the day with a short ideation session. XR has the ability to radically change the way you do business. This is an opportunity to consider “what if” with the benefit of our expert team to frame and validate your ideas.

Digital Process Transformation

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for enterprise XR.  During this stage, we focus on your operations to determine what applications may work well for your employees, process, and customer’s journey.

We bring deep process knowledge to support our clients’ re-imagination of how technology can facilitate sales and operations.  We help accelerate your strategic initiatives that build brand loyalty and drive business expansion, while optimizing operations for scale and efficiency.

Throughout the process we focus on solutions that improve costs and customer satisfaction and enable reliable systems and operations that can generate new revenue streams.

Proposal and Partner

Voxel REVOLUTION works with creative partners from across Ireland and around the world. After we’ve completed the Viability Study and Transformation Plan, we select the best partners for executable projects.

Once the partner is on board, we act as your expert advocate and liason to your in-house digital transformation team or CTO. Together with your team, we make many important decisions, from re-engineering your business procedures, to preparing for conversion, to refining your system requirements.

Your implementation team should be very broad-based, with representatives from your MIS, accounting, and project management departments.

Delivery and Optimization

Education, analysis, and bespoke partnerships are the fundamental steps that we’ve taken to ensure successful delivery. Change management support and product optimization pave the path after implementation to ensure continued success.